Gramma Jeans

A few years ago ‘Mom’ jeans were all the rage. Being caught wearing them wasn’t a compliment either. As we usher in a new year I’m going to usher in the new ‘Gramma’ jean!

I started wearing jeans nearly every day back in 1974. Gone were my older sisters bell-bottomed jeans and elephant ear pants and in came the way cooler straight-legged jean! I still love them, however, over the years some body parts have changed (significantly) and that low slung jean that came back in style recently have given way to a more modest ‘gramma’ jean at least for me.

I don’t particularly care to accentuate my muffin top anyway. Don’t like it being visible, and don’t like how self-conscience it makes me feel!

Is it too much to ask for a comfortable, rides high on the hip, non-binding jean? What then? And baggie jeans were not the solution!

I think I’ve found my new favorite jean! Gloria Vanderbilt ‘Amanda’, with 2% spandex. I’m a solid size 9 but these are a size 6 and still roomy!

Do these make me look fat?

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Top by Zulily. Ugg clogs.

Mom’s Christmas gift


What do you get for the dear 80-year-old woman you call ‘Mom’ who already has everything? That is my dilemma every year. When over for a visit recently she discovered how quick & easy a toaster oven works. She never uses her full-sized stove anyway and only purchases pre-made meals and snacks. None too healthy I might add. But after making roasted brussels sprouts and roasted acorn squash for her she was immediately sold on the toaster oven!

Being the woman that she is and with only 3 weeks before Christmas instead of letting her children buy one for her she ran out and purchased one herself! So, what does that leave me with?