Gramma Jeans

A few years ago ‘Mom’ jeans were all the rage. Being caught wearing them wasn’t a compliment either. As we usher in a new year I’m going to usher in the new ‘Gramma’ jean!

I started wearing jeans nearly every day back in 1974. Gone were my older sisters bell-bottomed jeans and elephant ear pants and in came the way cooler straight-legged jean! I still love them, however, over the years some body parts have changed (significantly) and that low slung jean that came back in style recently have given way to a more modest ‘gramma’ jean at least for me.

I don’t particularly care to accentuate my muffin top anyway. Don’t like it being visible, and don’t like how self-conscience it makes me feel!

Is it too much to ask for a comfortable, rides high on the hip, non-binding jean? What then? And baggie jeans were not the solution!

I think I’ve found my new favorite jean! Gloria Vanderbilt ‘Amanda’, with 2% spandex. I’m a solid size 9 but these are a size 6 and still roomy!

Do these make me look fat?

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Top by Zulily. Ugg clogs.

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